I want yo do this

I want yo do this


random character appreciation: Vanessa Lutz

- You ended up shooting some poor slob who had the decency to give you a ride.
- Yeah, except for the decency part.
- When did you decide to rob him? Was it before or after you shot him?
- Look, that perv owed me for pain and sufferin’, so yeah, I took his money.
- Why didn’t you turn him in?
- I wanted to. But he kept sayin’ it would be his word against mine, and that he’d get off and I would go to foster care again. And aside from that, I knew if I let him go, he would go kill another girl. And that would’ve been my fault. And I couldn’t have lived with that. Never.

Foto fun!

Foto fun!

Love says: I’ve seen the ugly parts of you, and I’m staying.
Matt Chandler (via stonecoldsteveboston)


when the urge hits you